"Nine Princes In Amber" Roger Zelazny

Book Cover

Corwin wakes in a hospital bed. He can't remember anything, he justknows he needs to leave.

In this way, Roger Zelazny begins creating the world and characters ofAmber, which will carry us through 10 volumes.

In this first installment, Corwin begins to learn he's a prince ofAmber. And the earth he has been exiled is but a shadow of the trueworld. We learn there are many shadows, and those born of royal bloodare able to move among the shadows. But they all strive for the samegoal, to rule in Amber.

After discovering some siblings and an ally, and the start of a plot toacquire the thrown, Corwin is told how he can recover his memory. But todo so he has to walk the pattern. A path of mysticism and challengeplaced in Amber by the founders of existence.

This is a well written and very entertaining novel. Highly recommended.

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