"Wicked" Gregory Maguire

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Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (WickedYears). This book carries in it great satire, humor, emotion, depth,anger, love, fear, intrigue . . . and great writing. This is a mustread!

Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West (WickedYears) is one of those rare finds: a new idea. Gregory Maguire takes thestory of the Wizard of Oz, and turns it upside down. Wicked tells thestory of an intelligent, ostracized, disliked, foibled, political woman.Misunderstood, outraged by religious zealots, forced into hiding andrebellion against a cruel and sadistic government, the Wicked Witch ofthe West becomes the most likable character in recent fiction.

The mother, Melena, struggles with her convictions and her marriage.She's convinced she married beneath her station. She turns bitter andself-serving and adulterous. She's not prepared for the birth of herdaughter, Elphaba, who's horribly deformed. She's green.

Elphaba's father, Frex, is the local minister. He's a strongly convictedman of the cloth. On the eve of Elphaba's birth, Frex is exposed by amagic traveling clock. The clock portrays a scene of Frex's hedonisticnature, and turns the land against him and his family.

The book takes us through a brilliantly conceived biography of a youngwoman, growing up and learning to deal with her differences, andsimilarities.

Gregory Maguire has created a very rich and diverse world where Elphabagrows and learns, loves and eventually dies. This book carries in itgreat satire, humor, emotion, depth, anger, love, fear, intrigue . . .and great writing. This is a must read!

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