"RealmShift" by Alan Baxter

Book Cover

From reading the back cover of this book, I thought it would be a reallycrazy and not too enjoyable fantasy book. I was wrong, on both accounts.

I suppose it could be called crazy, but the premise ofRealmShiftis no different than the premises of several other fantasy books. InRealm Shift, deities are real, given their reality by the belief ofhumans. Of course, the opposite is also true: the devils of eachreligion are real as well, again given their reality by the belief ofhumans. The deities can nudge believers, but non-believers cannot begiven divine inspiration to do or not do a particular act. This is whereour protagonist comes into the story: he reports to "The Balance," anentity which tries to keep the balance in the universe.

Sound complicated? It's not really. And the story is fast-paced andengrossing. A good editor might be handy, though, as not every charactershould say, "Indeed." And some of the word choices struck me as odd. Butthese are little issues with a book that was thoroughly enjoyable. Ilook forward to reading the sequel!

Yo! Need a vampire hunter over here!

"The Big Sleep" Raymond Chandler