"Journey Into Power" by Baron Baptiste

Book Cover

Journey into Power is an excellent introduction into Baron Baptiste's Power Yoga. Referred to as Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga, the program combines many of the foundation yoga positions and adds its own flavor of connecting movements and pace.

The pace is what sets this program apart from most yoga techniques. Andit's not something that is clear in the book. I highly recommendsupplementing the book with one or two of Baron Baptiste's tapes/DVD'sof his live workshops. I personally like the LiveSeries.Without the correct pace, the programs are not clear. The DVD above has3 different and unique 60-minute sessions.

Baron Baptiste is the son of two yoga practitioners and startedseriously studying yoga at a very early age. He has an impressive listof clientele including the Philadelphia Eagles.

In Part 2, the Daily Power Yoga Practice section, each movement andtransition is discussed in great detail. The level of detail for eachmovement is something I really like about this book. Each movement isbroken down and discussed regarding it's background, health benefits,building blocks (how to correctly create the position), body alignment,modifications (how to add or reduce stress in the movement depending onyour level of practice) and spiritual focus.

An important facet of yoga is focus. Where is the mind during themovements and positions? This differs greatly from traditional exerciseroutines. Baron Baptiste addresses this important aspect throughout thebook.

The five parts of the book are:

  • Part 1: Rewiring Your Mind
  • Part 2: Daily Power Yoga Practice
  • Part 3: The Cleansing Diet
  • Part 4: Meditation For Truthful Living
  • Part 5: Journeying Into Real Life

If you don't know anything about yoga, I recommend starting with thisbook. It is not strictly a beginner's book. In fact, a beginner wouldnot be able to start yoga practice with just this book. Supplement thebook with the DVD above or find a good local class that teaches thesetechniques. Whether you think yoga is for you or not, there are manythings to learn in this book that can be applied in other exerciseroutines so be sure and get a copy.

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