"Once Upon a Winters Night" Dennis L. McKiernan

Book Cover

This is the re-telling of a fairy tale. Camille betrays the trust of herbeloved Prince Alain, sentencing him and all of his household to ahorrid unknown fate. Camille begins searching for Alain, having beengiven the clue that he is east of the sun and west of the moon.

This tale works wonderfully as a fairy tale, but because theauthor has expanded it, the underlyingmessages of the tale are more obvious. While the tale is about love andromance, it shows the development of Camille, who originally appears tohave little backbone or character, although the potential is there. Asshe goes through her struggles to find her beloved, she is required touse her mind (an unusual thing for women in fairy tales) and evenoccasionally other charms, like her singing. As the book continues, herresolve to find Alain never waivers, but her mental and emotionalstrength grows with each challenge.

Fairy tales like this one remind us why handing children everything theywant is not a good idea. Adversity and challenges build strength of mindand emotion, and, most of all, character.

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