"Same Kind of Different As Me" by Ron Hall & Denver Moore

Book Cover

A New York Times bestseller and a true story.

Denver is a modern-day slave...a share cropper on a cotton plantation inLouisiana. He could not read or write. When he was in his mid 30's hehopped a freight train hoping to find a better life. His own words sayit best. "Being homeless in Fort Worth was a step up in life for me."That's what he was for the next 30+ years...homeless in Fort Worth.

Ron Hall is the son or a poor dirt farmer from Texas. You could say heis a self-made man. He put himself through college and got a good job inthe banking industry. He made a fortune, though, when he became involvedin buying and selling art. He quit the banking job and became a highlyrespected international art dealer.

Ron's wife, Deborah, was never really into the money scene. She spenther time and energy helping the less fortunate. Actually, it was shethat introduced Ron and Denver. She talked Ron into volunteering withher once a week serving dinner at a Fort Worth homeless shelter. Deborahhad a dream about a black man that "changed the city." She saw him thereat the homeless shelter and encouraged Ron to make friends with him.

It's something that doesn't happen every day...a white multi-millionaireinternational art dealer and a black homeless man becoming friends. AsDenver puts it, "not the catch and release kind of friendship."

I have to admit, when a friend loaned me a copy of this book, I wasn'tvery excited about reading it. It's a true story. I prefer fiction. Iwas drawn into the story, though, from chapter 1. It's a great story,and I highly recommend it to you.

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