"The Twisted Root" Anne Perry

Book Cover

If you have read Anne Perry, you know about William Monk. A formerpolice inspector in Victorian London, Mr. Monk suffered a head injurywhich resulted in amnesia. He has rebuilt his life since then, and hasbecome a private detective, taking cases for which his skill ininvestigation are much needed. In this book, Mr. Monk takes a caselooking for a woman who was engaged to be married, but who ran away forsome unexplained reason. Unfortunately, the coachman who drove her wasfound dead, and she was accused of his murder.

The book gets very complicated from there. Not while reading it, ofcourse, but to explain would be almost impossible. As usual, Anne Perrydraws the characters with such deep conviction that I can still seethem. I have two small quibbles with this book. It moved more slowly inthe beginning than her books generally do. And for the first time, Iknew who the murderer was before she revealed it. If you have read AnnePerry, you know all her murderers are twisted (to borrow a phrase fromthe title of the book). Although I guessed the murderer correctly, I hadno idea why the murders were committed, and that, of course, is themystery!

All in all a very satisfying little mystery, with the expected twist atthe end.

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