"Peacock in the Land of Penguins"

Book Cover

If you work in a large organization, you may be a peacock in the land ofpenguins.

This is a fable, of a peacock who was brilliant. He was recruited by thepenguins because of his brilliance, but once he was in the land ofpenguins, he did not fit in. He was not black and white, he wasmulti-hued. His bosses didn't like him because he was not like them. Hisco-workers who were penguins did not like him because he was not apenguin.

In addition to the peacock, there are other exotic birds in the land ofpenguins, but they don't fit in either. All of the penguins want all ofthe other birds to be just like them, and when they cannot be likepenguins, they are disliked and dismissed.

For anyone who has ever felt that their contributions to an organizationare dismissed because of who they are rather than the work they do, thisbook will hit a cord. For anyone who has felt that they are on theoutside because they aren't like the ruling class (the "penguins"), thisbook will hit a cord.

In addition to the fable, the third edition has strategies for peacocksurvival in the land of penguins. It is interesting to see thestrategies and which ones could be used. Interestingly, this book wasgiven to me by a woman who is fairly high in the chain, and might bedescribed as a penguin.

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