"The $64 Tomato" William Alexander

Book Cover

Bill and his wife are urbanites, or at least, suburbanites. They live ina small house in Yonkers, while Bill's wife finishes medical school andresidency. The author works with computers and admits he has no handymanskills, but he has learned some home fix-it skills out of necessity,fixing up their house, and making some improvements.

His wife will finish her residency soon, and they are looking to move.They both want to live somewhere more remote, they have twoprerequisites: a Main Street and a local newspaper. They eventuallypurchase the Big Brown House in a small town. The house comes completewith unfinished floors, leaking roof, no kitchen, two rusting cars inthe barn, and three acres of land. But, they both fall in love with itand decide to make it home. Soon Bill hears the call of freshvegetables. Not ones to do anything small, they hire a designer tocreate their perfect kitchen garden.

The book is about Bill's adventures in the garden, his battles with deerand a super-gopher, as well as pests, drought, grass and weeds. But thisis much more then a gardening book, in fact, it is not a gardening bookat all. The book shares Bill's philosophies, his thoughts and desires,and where he believes he fits in the world. It is a funny and upliftingread.

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