"The Duet" by Robert Elmer

Book Cover

They say opposites attract. It was certainly true for the twoprotagonists in "The Duet."

  • Gerrit Appledorn is a dairy farmer in the Dutch community of VanDalen, Washington.  Joan Horton is a professor of musicology at theworld-famous Gaylord School of Music in New York.
  • He is retired by doctor's orders because of a heart condition.  Hisson now owns and operates the fourth generation family dairy farm.She is taking a one-year sabbatical in part to allow her son to livein her Long Island home while she is away.  She is giving pianolessons to beginning students in Van Dalen.
  • He is a member of the First Dutch Reformed Church.  She is a memberof the Nazarene Church.
  • He believes in predestination...God is responsible for whateverhappens and when it happens.  She believes in choice...you reap whatyou show.
  • The only thing they have in common is they are both widowed.

The story is interesting.  However, the writing style is a littledifferent...rather clipped...matter-of-fact.  I wonder if it is becausethe author is a man.

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