"Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix"

Book Cover

Bright, witty, and absorbing. Yes, absorbing. I've read the reviews ofthis book which indicate that it's much too long, and that Harry is abrat. Yes, it is true, Harry at 14 has a temper and sometimes doesirrational things. He's not perfect; he's an adolescent!

The story picks up again with summer recess, and Harry trying to findout if You-Know-Who is making himself known to the muggles of the world.When there is no odd news, it worries Harry even more. And he knows thathis friends are working with others against You-Know-Who, but can't sendhim the information.

Things get very complex, but roll along quickly. These books are goodbecause the world, Harry's wizards' world, has rules and stands on itsown. One can visualize everything that happens, and know that it is allexplainable in that world.

Even if Harry is a bit of a pain, I like this Harry better than the oldHarry as he's more real. 14-year-old boys are not supposed to beperfect.

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