"Hit Man" Lawrence Block

Book Cover

Hit Man was originally a series of short stories, and while it stillreads that way, it is a wonderful book. And, yes, guys, if it seemsfamiliar, I understand several of the Hit Man shorts were originallypublished in Playboy.

The stories are about Keller, who is actually a hit man. Although theconcept is such that you would think the main character was unlikely,Keller is likable. Perhaps it's his meticulous planning, or his slightlycynical view of life, but whatever it is, Keller is a wonderfullylikable character.

Each of the stories has Keller facing a different dilemma, and handlingthem all with emotional maturity, although some might argue that it'sreally a lack of maturity. These stories made me laugh, and think, and Iwas very sad when the book ended.

Rather than give away the plot of each of the short stories, and ruin itfor someone else, let me just say that this is my favorite Block book.Block has written a ton of books, and they are all good, but this is hisbest.

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