"The Pet-Sitting Peril" Willo Davis Roberts

Book Cover

I try to read the books I buy for children; it's only fair. If I findthem dull, the child is likely to find them dull as well.

I picked up The Pet-Sitting Peril, which is about 20 years old, 'secondhand.' The story is a mystery, with a twelve-year-old boy as the hero.While our hero is taking care of other people's pets for extra spendingmoney, he encounters several very dangerous situations. While he is thehero, he does have help in solving the situation 'from the pets he issitting.' And from friends, both male and female. I cannot reveal muchmore without ruining the book. Let me leave it at this: The book is anexciting tale, and likely to have youngsters reading under the coverswith a flashlight!

Estimated Age Group: 10 to 13 (As a caveat, for a youngster who stillhas trouble telling fiction from non-fiction this book is notappropriate. It puts the hero and the pets he is sitting in danger ofdying, and could be very upsetting to a child who doesn't understandfiction. Additionally, children who imitate fiction shouldn't be givethis book either.)

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