"Sacred Trust" Hannah Alexander

Book Cover

Lucas is a young doctor, and he is a good doctor. He was kicked out ofhis residency in a large hospital in Kansas City, MO, because thedirectors believed false rumors about him. He had to take them to courtto get his medical license reinstated.

So...he decided to move a nice, quiet, small-town hospital in SouthernMissouri. His experience is in emergency room care. He is hired as thehospital's first full-time ER doctor. But...it seems hospital politicsis everywhere...even in small towns. Lucas is again in danger of losinghis job because he refuses to practice medicine with anything less thanthe highest integrity.

Sacred Trust is fast paced...just like the emergency room. It's one ofthose that you can't put down even though you know you need to sleepsome before morning arrives. The writing style is conversational. Thecharacters are well-developed. I felt like I knew the people well by theend of the book. I am looking forward to reading the other books in thisseries.

What captured my attention about thisauthor's work is that the stories takeplace in and around where I live in southern Missouri. I recognize manyof the landmarks, restaurants, hospitals. I like that. It made thecharacters and the stories seem quite real to me.

I highly recommend Sacred Trust by HannahAlexander.

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