"The Eyre Affair" by Jasper Fforde

Book Cover

As an alternate world, Thursday Next's world has to be one of the bestever. In her world, literary police carry guns and arrest people.Literature is taken very seriously and Thursday is one of the literarypolice. Her jobs are generally not too dangerous, but the current job isan exception: She has to stop a madman from destroying Jane Eyre!

The book is an introduction to Thursday's world, which takes a greatdeal of introducing as it is so different from the world we live in. Welearn that Thursday's brother was killed in a war which is long over inour world, Thursday's uncle is an inventor of wonderful things, andThursday's dad is/was a member of the chrono police. The book is full ofliterary reference, many of which I am sure I missed. (It makes me longfor a classical education, something not found in suburban St. LouisMissouri public schools!) I loved this book, as it was smart, funny, andnot too pretentious!

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