"All American Alien Boy: The United States As Science Fiction, Science Fiction As a Journey; A Collection" by Allen Steele

Book Cover

All-American Alien Boy is Allen Steele's second short story collection.Unlike his first, the stories in this collection are all set on earth.Excellent stories that have the author's characteristic writing styleand structure. Yet each story is very different.

That last story in the book is my favorite. Called 'The Good Rat', it isa first person account of falling in love. In 'The Good Rat', testing ofany kind on animals has been outlawed. So many uneducated folks, orpeople in need of quick money hire themselves out as lab rats. It is anoddly optimistic look at the present day puritanical legal trends.

Each story in the book is introduced by Steele. He discusses themotivation behind the stories and what he likes and dislikes about each.This provides an interesting look into the process the author uses.

The stories included in the book are:

  • Lost in the Shopping Mall
  • Mudzilla's Last Stand
  • Hunting Wabbit
  • Riders in the Sky
  • Whinin' Boy Blues
  • See Rock City
  • 2,437 UFOs Over New Hampshire
  • Jonathan Livingstone Seaslug
  • Doblin's Lecture
  • A Letter From St. Louis
  • The Good Rat

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