"Back Home Again" Melody Carlson

Book Cover

Back Home Again" is book one in the "Tales from Grace Chapel Inn" seriesby Melody Carlson.  Three mature sisters reunite at the old familyhome in Acorn Hill, Pennsylvania, following their father's death.  Theyplan to renovate their large old home and list it on the localhistorical register...and then open a bed-and-breakfast.  They battleopposition from their own aunt and the townfolk.

The three sisters are so different from each other the townfolk havesaid it's hard to believe they are sisters.  It is questionable whetheror not they can work together to accomplish their goals with thebed-and-breakfast.  Louise has been a widow for 5 years.  She is anaccomplished pianist and made her living in Philadelphia giving pianolessons and an occasional concert.  Jane, the youngest was divorced ayear ago.  She was a highly respected chef in San Francisco.  Alicenever married.  Instead she made her home with her father and remainedwith him until his death.  She is a nurse at the hospital in Acorn Hill.

Do you ever identify strongly with one of the characters in a book?  Ofcourse!   We all do that!  I read books two and three of this seriestfirst.  Of the three sisters, I identified most with Alice, though Icould not have said why.  In book one Alice is the main character.  I amlearning a little more about her, and now I know why I identify withher.

First...Alice is the middle daughter--not the eldest or the baby.  Dittohere.

Second...Alice is relatively attractive (very relative here(, but doesnot play up her looks.  She wears her nurse's uniform at work and jeansand a chambry shirt at home.  The other sisters call her dowdy, but sheprefers to think of it as more concerned with others than herself.

Third...Alice is the peacemaker.  Maybe that comes along with beingmiddle-born.  Who knows?

Fourth...Alice stresses over small t hings.  I'll let this quote explain(italics are mine).

Alice sent up a silent prayer as she hurried toward home.  Shedidn't feeling so alarmed over such a seemingly small thing, but sheknew better than anyone her own tendency to worry too much about'small things.'  Her compulsion to fret was also one of the biggestreasons for Alice's fervent and active prayer life.  She foundherself constantly running to God with her worries--both large andsmall.  She reassured herself that she was doing exactly what theScriptures taught.  Besides, as Vera was kind to point out, perhapsit was simply the way God had made her, a natural result of Alice'svery sensitive nature. She just tended to feel things more deeplyand intensely than most people.  Alice liked to see it in thispositive light, but to be perfectly honest, she felt it was both ablessing and a curse."

Fifth..Alice feels personally responsible for everything that goeswrong.

Like so many other things in life, Alice felt personally responsiblefor this too.  If she hadn't encouraged her sisters to develop theinn, or if she simply minded her own business and kept her mouthshut....  But then, Alice wondered, was keeping everything the samereally for the best?"

"Tales from Grace Chapel Inn" is a pleasant, light-read series that Ienjoyed.  I hope you will also.

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