"Its All Too Much" Peter Walsh

Book Cover

If you ever look around your house and feel overwhelmed by the amount ofclutter and "stuff" you have, this is the book for you. I am often sooverwhelmed with the amount of clutter in my house that I seldom cleanthe house; picking up the clutter first is too much. I finally found abook that doesn't tell me "just do it," but gives guidance andreassurance that it can be done.

Peter Walsh worked on "Clean House," a cable TV show that tries to endclutter. His philosophy remains that stuff is stuff; memories aren'tstuff. If you don't believe it to be beautiful or know it to be useful,get rid of it. This book gives step-by-step instructions on how to endclutter, but it's different from other clutter books. Walsh tells you todetermine the purpose of each room and proceed from there. When youdiscuss with the entire household what the purpose (or purposes) of theroom is, it's much easier to organize the room to function.

I'm on my way, tackling small projects at this point, but Goodwill hasreceived lots from us and will get more. Wish me luck!

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