"One By One" Gilbert Morris

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Review written for ClubReading.com by Sally

Dani Ross is a beautiful, intelligent seminary student intending to goto Africa as a missionary. The story quickly gets into two problems shefaces.

The first is a life-long battle she faces-constantly fighting off men. Ireally have no sympathy for her … just can't relate to such a terribleproblem!

Secondly, Dani has to leave seminary unexpectedly. Her father has askedher to come home … for just a few weeks … to take over the familyprivate investigation agency while he recovers from triple bypasssurgery.

Dani is a little over-confident and under-careful and learns somelessons the hard way … sound familiar? I notice she doesn't really learnthis lesson, but she is confronted over and over with the fact that sheis obviously a feminist. Dani thinks she is a well-rounded (no punintended) person perfectly capable of thinking and acting objectively inall situations.

The underlying message of One by One is that we all have our own private ghosts we have to overcome. As the story unfolds, we get a glimpse into the past of each of the characters involved in the case. I'm sure the author hopes the readers will recognize the source of their own private ghosts and be encouraged to overcome them with God's help and get on with life … be productive.

If you like mysteries, you will enjoy One by One, but don't plan onsolving the mystery yourself. This is one of those where the authordoesn't give you all of the information until he is ready for you toknow "who done it."

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