"Lazy B" by Sandra Day OConnor

Book Cover

Sandra Day O'Connor, as the first woman Supreme Court Justice, is anadmirable figure. She has broken ground for many women and for manylawyers. This book, however, is about her life as a child, and what itwas like to grow up on a cattle farm in the Southwest during the 1930sand 1940s. Mostly, this is a memoir of O'Connor's parents, and a way oflife that is gone.

O'Connor's parents raised three children on the Lazy B; Sandra was theoldest. Her younger brother continued with the ranch until it becameinfeasible to continue. The stories told are mostly from the days ofO'Connor's childhood. The writing is not the perfect flow of a seasonednovelist; it mostly resembles story telling. And it is extremelyinteresting, telling tales of windmills, horses, and cowboys. If the oldWest and the traditional cowboys from the movies interest you, this bookwill be a wonderful read.

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